It’s Hard to Be Asleep

It’s Hard to Be Asleep

The enemies of truth and freedom are fighting hard to keep our voices squelched. The truth is that we are killing their ability to lie to, and deceive the public with impunity. They are constantly having to do damage control and new innovations in false story-telling to try to pull the wool over the eyes of the general public. As the new information paradigm advances in the truth media, the old Establishment propagandists, with their bogus narratives, have become more bizarre and outrageous to the point that their lies are now very transparent — even to the most skeptical observers. Countless have awakened as a direct result of the partisanship assault on decency.

This has created a huge problem for them. How can the genie be stuffed back into the bottle? How can the truth be stifled? How can we shut up all of these slave journalists before they awaken any more of the slaves? The last thing a global governance needs is people asking real questions, doing real journalism, poking around for clues to expose frauds the Establishment criminals have perpetrated!

To that end, “social media” outlets have been on a rampage, removing posts, deleting content, and wiping out accounts of those who dare post an opinion that isn’t approved by the royal hierachy. Twitter has deleted tens of thousands of accounts, claiming they are “bots”. What is a bot? Any account that has a narrative with which Twitter, or the Establishment, disagrees must be a “Russian bot”.

After all, the Russians are guilty of meddling in our elections, haven’t you heard? The Russians are responsible for Trump getting elected, haven’t you heard? The Russians are guilty of doping in the Olympics. The Russians track mud on your living room carpet. The Russians are leaving dirty socks in your bedroom floor. The Russians are taking a dump in your bathroom and not flushing the toilet. Vladamir Putin is sleeping with your wife. We’re not quite sure about that last one, but it sounds good so we’re going to go with it.

Anyone having an opinon that is critical of U.S. government policies must either be working for the Kremlin, or be a Russian “bot”. Therefore, no soup for you!

YouTube has also been killing accounts by the hundreds too. In fact, this writer just had a strike placed against my account for a video I did in 2016, presenting evidence about a shooting. I was threatened with physical violence, and when they didn’t succeed in intimidating me to remove the videos, they complained to YouTube who dutifully took it down. They didn’t say what, specifically, didn’t measure up to their “community standards”, but I am pretty sure it was the fact that I actually told the truth and used documentation to prove my arguments.

Tyranny cannot stand the light of truth. Because of that, there will be more of this. We are quickly approaching the end-game of our republic. Collapse is coming. It is inevitable. They have waged a war upon individual freedom and all decency. Western civilization is on the skids. In war, the first casualty is always the truth.