Saving the World, One Turtle at a Time?

Saving the World, One Turtle at a Time?

turtleAs I too often have to do, I was outside all day, working on motor vehicles. And as it too often happens, I was having problems fixing the aforementioned motor vehicles. More accurately, the problem wasn’t so much the fixing itself, but rather the ability to obtain the correct part to fix it.

I live about 15 minutes outside of town, and I spent much of the day running back and forth — at least four round trips, but to be truthful about it, I actually lost count. Today’s work ended in the realization that the part I apparently needed had to be ordered in, and wouldn’t be there until tomorrow. Fine.

My father-in-law was with me the whole time. We were eager to get back, vainly hopeful that our latest part acquisition would be the breakthrough we were working toward. Of course, it wasn’t, but our conversation was interrupted when we approached an area of road, where a car was stopped, blocking our lane. My first inclination was to go around the car, but I decided against it because a young red headed girl was standing in the middle of the road, bent over, looking straight down at the road. As we got closer, we saw what she was doing. A little turtle was in the middle of the road and this girl had a stick and was attempting to poke and prod the turtle across the road to rescue it from certain danger.

After watching a few seconds, my father-in-law said, “Let me go grab that turtle, or she’s going to tie us up all day.” He started to jump out, just as the girl managed to lift the turtle up on the stick, it fell off, she picked it up again and whisked it successfully to the other side of the road, where the paradise utopia of mosquito-infested swamp land awaited to receive it.

She then thrust her hands victoriously in the air, casting a glance back at us to make sure we were watching. Her fists were clenched, in a triumphant display of personal elation and exuberance. The mountain had been climbed; the marathon had been won. Girl power! A turtle is saved! A fellow traveler on life’s journey rescued from certain peril by an unlikely savior! A hundred more might die along this roadway, but today was this little guy’s lucky day. At least for the moment, he was safe. He might turn around and wander back into the road and be promptly smashed in an hour. Maybe two hours. But this was a moment of merriment. The prodigal son had been ushered home.

I smiled and waved, observing the “peace” symbol on her bumper. Of course… a liberal.

As we got back on our way, my father-in-law was still annoyed by the delay, but finally shrugged it off by saying, “I don’t like running them over, either.” Then, finally he managed to convince himself that she had a “big heart”.

I acknowledged that I didn’t enjoy running over wildlife either, but wondered aloud if she truly had such a “big heart”. For instance, I wondered if she considered violently ripping an unborn baby’s body apart, or burning it alive with saline in its mother’s womb, a “woman’s right to choose”. Many of those who tote “peace” signs on their bumpers do.

While the “peace” symbol suggests that she is against senseless killing in wars — a virtue I share and find laudable, given the my knowledge of what wars are really about — I still wonder how the same individual can justify the silent holocaust of the most defenseless, in the name of convenience. The fact that the violent slaughter of children, many of whom are unborn girls, can be twisted and distorted into a perversion that it is somehow empowering to women, demonstrates the degree of decay that the cultural Marxists have been able to deteriorate the fabric of our society.

In 1972, the Rockefeller Commission on Population and the American Future released its report on the alleged “problem” of over-population and their conclusions about what government should do about it. The commission stated:

As our work proceeded and we received the results of studies comparing the likely effects of continued growth with the effects of stabilization, it became increasingly evident that no substantial benefits would result from continued growth of the nation’s population. This is one of the basic conclusions we have drawn from our inquiry. From the accumulated evidence, we further concluded that the stabilization of our population would contribute significantly to the nation’s ability to solve its problems. It was evident that moving toward stabilization would provide an opportunity to devote resources to problems and needs relating to the quality of life rather than its quantity. Stabilization would “buy time” by slowing the pace at which growth-related problems accumulate and enhancing opportunities for the orderly and democratic working out of solutions.

The Commission recognizes that the demographic implications of most of our recommended policies concerning childbearing are quite consistent with a goal of population stabilization. In this sense, achievement of population stabilization would be primarily the result of measures aimed at creating conditions in which individuals, regardless of sex, age, or minority status, can exercise genuine free choice. This means that we must strive to eliminate those social barriers, laws, and cultural pressures that interfere with the exercise of free choice and that governmental programs in the future must be sensitized to demographic effects.

The Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision came along the following year.

While leftist liberals continue to buy into the notion that the right to kill their offspring equates to self-empowerment, the inescapable reality is that they are victims of a high-stakes propaganda campaign, designed to promote self-genocide and eradication. A civilization that ceases to protect its most vulnerable, will cease to exist. We only need to look to Japan, with its aging population, to see the problems created when people have too few babies. The reports this writer hears from those in California, and from young millennials elsewhere, about the anti-baby mindset is alarming. The trend appears to be a near hatred of babies, and often, a resentment of those who choose to have them. What once was a cute, treasured bundle of happiness and promise, is now viewed with contempt: a burden to society, an undesirable result of a romantic encounter, a polluter of the planet, a destroyer of “mother earth”.

This is what happens when you allow cultural Marxists to destroy the nuclear family. This is why morality is not “old fashioned” and past its shelf life. Nearly every problem in society can be traced back to the destruction of the traditional family unit: crime, suicides, drugs (both street drugs and the epidemic of prescription meds), alcohol abuse, poverty, street gangs, unruly children, etc.

We must acknowledge and work to restore the strength and beauty of our nation, and struggle against the overwhelming obstacles that the Establishment institutions have put in its path. If America is to be preserved, the traditional home must be restored. It will be hard work, but nothing worth doing is ever easy. How?

Start with yourself. Do the best you can to have your own house in order. Men need to take responsibility and help raise and support the children they create. They need to be shamed if they get a girl pregnant and abandon her to raise the children on her own. It is this writer’s opinion that if you are a man and you do that, you are a coward and a scumbag. Man up! Take responsibility for your actions. If you can’t do that, or don’t want to, then keep it in your pants, dirt bag. If she’s good enough to roll around with naked, then she’s good enough to stand by and support for the sake of the children.

Boycott institutions and corporations that support the destruction of society. If a corporation, such as Target, is promoting the idea that men who choose to wear women’s clothing should be allowed in women’s restrooms, that is enough of a reason to quit patronizing the store. My wife worked there years ago; we used to go to Target all of the time. I can tell you that sense they started the transgender restroom nonsense, I have never been back, nor will I ever go back. I don’t want to see anyone lose their jobs, but if they are going to implement policies that destroy the country, they deserve to go bankrupt.

Quit supporting Hollywood and the correct music industry. Instead of going to movies, how about gathering around friends and family and playing a board game, or a game of cards? Or just sitting together and telling stories? Turn the TV off. Better yet, throw the thing into the nearest dumpster. The entertainment industry is one of the most corrupt influences that is being utilized by social architects who seek to destroy morality. Why give them your money?

Support “mom and pop” and other local businesses to the greatest extent that you can. These are the people who have traditionally sustained America, and are usually not subject to quarterly reports and shareholder results. They may charge a little more than the big box store competition, but it is worth it to keep them in business.

Buy as much of your food at farmers markets or the local Amish food store. You’ll be supporting good businesses while eating healthier.

These are just a few of the things that you can do. I believe that it is time for us to get serious about sustaining the values that have preserved us as a people for hundreds of years. If you have any other suggestions on how to preserve morality, feel free to post them below. It may not be as glamorous as helping turtles across the road, but the dividends are much greater.

3 Replies to “Saving the World, One Turtle at a Time?”

  1. To preserve morality, it is first necessary to get to the root of the problem and explain it. The words cultural Marxism may be in vogue, but Marx was not even alive when the rot started to set in. Second, Americans, I mean the descendants of the first white settlers that came on the Mayflower in 1620, not knowing their true identity, have lost their identity, and are now unrecognizable, due to the alien admixture.
    This people may have known their identity back then, but I know of no record establishing that possibility. Of course we know that history can be removed, revised drastically to bury the truth, or be just straight out rewritten.
    Do you really want me to press ahead with this. I have spat it all out before, but lately, I have realized, I was speaking to ‘Strawmen’ who have eyes that don’t see, and ears that don’t hear, and need to be propped up, as they can’t stand up on their own legs.
    The fix is both abhorrent to most, and heavily outnumbered, but the fix has ocurred anciently. It treads on impressionable brainwashed toes. The undoing of America, an exalted nation, has been going on long term. The splendid isolation, once enjoyed had to be dealt with too. I say since 1776
    Those last four words Darren, I know will have you up in arms. But one hass to start somewhere.
    I heard Vicky once regret, that documenting and orating the decline, and the subtlety of how it is being done from within, does not provide the solution.
    I think it was Paul Warburg who said, the New World Order will be established, if not by consent, then it will be by conquest, that is by force.
    I’ll leave you with this: – It won’t be by consent – it will be by force. Conquest includes defeat. The Washington Monument – why is it there?
    P.S. Is your email address still valid? Can I use it to discuss things with you? Groundshaking stuff.
    I have not been able to revise this comment as I have not been able to bring it back to the start

    1. Yes, that’s my e-mail. And I don’t know why you’d think your reference to the Constitution would have me “up in arms”. I have never worshipped the founding fathers. In fact, many of the era viewed the 1776 Constitution as a step backward from its predecessor, the Articles of Confederation. Hence, the debate between the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists. Furthermore, I believe the founders could rightly be accused of treason for what they did at the Philadelphia convention. Still, despite their treachery, we ended up with a workable document in the end, which, if enforced by the populace, would go a long way toward restoring our Republic and freedoms. Alas, it would be possible if the people cared. Therein lies the problem.

      And yes, cultural Marxism has played a major role in causing the people to NOT care. It is the deconstructing of our society on every level to create the necessary chaos and disorder which will lead to the new order, totalitarian and technocratic control — a worldwide scientific dictatorship.

      I used to wonder when the masses would ever wake up. Now, I realize that the answer is they won’t. As long as they have GMO food in their bellies, refreshing fluoride water to drink, and LED screens to stare at like the zombies they are, they will never wake up. They love their servitude; they love their Big Brother.

  2. I am lately reluctant to talk about these things, but I think there is a duty to do so. Jonah was reluctant to fulfill his duty and look what happened to him.
    ‘To sin by silence, when they should speak out, makes cowards of men.’ This quote by Abraham Lincoln may not be word for word perfect, but nothing is lost.

    Here’s a ‘key’ for your consideration to mull over for a week maybe. I mulled over it for years. But then it hit me like a brick.

    “Ephraim herds the wind, and pursues the east wind all day long.” Hosea 12:1 (RSV.)
    This was written in present tense, but was yet future when it was written, and is now a thing of the past, still intact and fully accomplished.
    If you crack this ‘nut’, you will have discovered a truth that opens one’s understanding. Nothing like finding out on your own, unshackled by another’s opinion. It all flows from there.
    You have my email address, if you prefer to continue away from the limelight.

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