Rebirth of a Journey

Rebirth of a Journey

I decided to relaunch this website after several years because I needed a place to hash out ideas on a variety of subjects, separate from my Govern America website. That site is focused on political and governmental issues affecting our country. I felt the need to have a place where I could write on a more personal, intimate level.

If you want a little background about me, you can go here.

I also remember that when I had my original website, a lot of my best writing evolved from what started out being simple posts, many times when I was depressed about something.

I rarely get depressed. However, there are many things that have been weighing pretty heavily upon me lately with regard to the direction of our country, and personal problems regarding my wife, Michelle’s, health. She has been struggling with a, as of yet, undiagnosed condition which appears to be neurological in nature and causes her a great deal of pain. It has also taken over her life. She loses consciousness and can’t do the simplest things. Between that, and the chaos that is going on in the country right now, I need a way to get my feelings out.

Writing is somewhat of a therapy for me, so I plan to use this as my personal web space, which will contain some professional, technical, and political notes and opinions. Anyone can read them, or not read them. It doesn’t really matter to me.