About Darren Weeks

About Darren Weeks

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I was born in Dearborn, Michigan, and have lived in Michigan my entire life. My parents are both from Alabama and returned to their roots. My two sisters followed. My mother died in 2004 of cancer and I miss her sorely. My father resides in assisted living. I am happily married with two (now grown) daughters.

I have always loved radio and dabbled in it for years, before I finally decided to attend broadcast school. I graduated in May 1990 from Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts (Now called “… Media Arts”), and landed my first television job in 1991 at WILX-TV, where I worked for nearly ten years. I quit there to join the competition at WLNS-TV in 2001, and later went to work for a major university’s broadcast services department in 2008.

Aside from family and professional work, the biggest thing that has consumed my life is doing my political talk radio show, Govern America. I started doing the show in the early 2000’s, and have broadcasted on different networks, before finally going independent. In mid 2018, after going through a series of challenges, I took a sabbatical from the show. However, we brought it back a little more than a year later and have been going strong ever since. Archives of the show can be heard here for free.

Whenever I get the chance, I enjoy camping, seeing new sites, and visiting familiar ones. Aside from political commentary, I also enjoy writing poetry and fiction, and dabbling in photography.

This site is a relaunching of my original blog, where I wrote a lot of opinion pieces on a wide variety of subjects. My political opinions are mainly posted on my page at Govern America, and I occasionally have been known to contribute items to Paul Water’s NewsWithViews.com.

My political opinions are all over the map. Though not exclusively, I tend to lean conservative on domestic issues, and liberal on foreign ones. I am pro-freedom, anti-war, anti-globalist, and generally just want to be left alone. I believe people can have discussions, deliberations, and debate on issues without screaming at each other, and I am alarmed at the divisions and disunity that have been (deliberately) engineered between my fellow countrymen and women.

You are not my enemy if you disagree with me; you are my enemy if you try to silence me.

Social media accounts: Twitter, Gab, Minds, YouTube