Creature of the Night

Creature of the Night

Photo I took of the full moon over southern Michigan on October 4th at 4:10AM.

Being a solitary person, I’ve always been somewhat of a night owl. I enjoy the nighttime and the peace and quiet that it affords to focus my thoughts on reading, research, reflection and rejuvenation.

Daily, I see people who get lost in the hustle and bustle of their routines and they are trapped in these cycles. Rarely, if ever, do they get away from the noise and unplug.

I too am an extremely busy person and I try to cram my day with as much information as possible. I have to try to stay up on all of the current events, and dig for information that no one else will be discussing. After all, you can’t have a talk show without something about which to talk. Increasingly, the information is depressing. News is rarely good today.

A number of people have asked me, over the years, how I deal with all of the negativity. Frankly, being exposed to it for so long, I have gotten numb to a lot of the effects. It is only when I come across something particularly egregious that I began to feel stress and pressure. This has been more the case lately, as I witness America seemingly heading toward civil war with agitators stirring the pot — especially the Establishment media.

It is in these perilous times, I rely upon my faith and escape to my deck outside, or sit out on the patio by my barn under the starry sky. Or, as I am doing now, typing to you on a keyboard as I listen to the patter of the rain pouring down on my roof.