California Water Restrictions

California Water Restrictions

Water, water everywhere, yet not a drop to use? Agenda 21 imposes restrictions upon people’s ability to use all of the resources that the earth provides for free. // Image credit: Line-tOodLinGfc via Pixaby.

We’ve been warning people about Agenda 21 for over a decade now. My friend, the late Chris Gerner, started talking about it before I started doing talk radio. He was a huge trail blazer in that regard.

Agenda 21 (now combined with the Millennium Development Goals and renamed to Agenda 2030) is the United Nations’ blueprint for micro-managing all of the earth’s resources, including human and animal “resources”.

You might remember walking by the office door at your place of employment and seeing a sign on the door of the “Personnel Department”. Chances are, that was a while ago. Today, what used to be “Personnel” are now “Human Resources”. A resource is something that is used for a specific purpose. When its usefulness is gone, it is discarded.

Enter Agenda 21, the 40-chapter scheme that was introduced at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in 1992. It deals with three primary areas, often called the three “E”s: Economic, Environment, and Social Equity. Nearly all of the issues that people talk about, connect to this program in some way.

It is this writer’s opinion, that Agenda 21 was a declaration of war upon the people of planet earth by technocratic globalists. Under the false guise of equality, social justice, and environmentalism, it is a recipe for controlling everything and everyone to the point where nobody will ever have any freedom.

Huge inroads have been made toward implementation in the last two and a half decades since the UNCED conference. One of the latest examples is in California, where a new bill has just been passed into law by their traitorous assembly that will restrict the residents’ water usage down to a mere 55 gallons per person, per day. A few quotes from the story by CBS13’s Jennifer McGraw:

California is now the first state in the nation to enact tough new water-efficiency standards. The controversial rules limit how many gallons a person can use inside their home per day…

In 2022, the new indoor water standard will be 55 gallons per person, per day. by 2030, it will fall to 50 gallons…

The ultimate goal is to make conservation a way of life in California.

In other words, the goal is behavior modification for the sake of control. Using water is not damaging to the environment. There may be temporary rationings that have to be implemented in times of drought out of necessity, but the story started by noting that the drought was over in California. Hence, these restrictions upon the populace are being put into place for no other reason than they want to force changes to people’s behavior — just because they can. The excuse used was to prepare California for the next drought. But cutting back on water usage will do nothing to remedy a future drought. Also, one official said that it will do something to offset “climate change”. This is the biggest clue as to what this fraud is really about. “Climate change” is a buzz term for Agenda 21 implementation. Again, cutting back on water usage will not change the climate one iota. The real goal is controlling people.

We are talking about a state that has the third most amount of ocean shoreline in the United States, and they are putting restrictions upon its residents’ water usage? There is  no reason why California cannot desalinize ocean water and distribute it where it is needed throughout the state. It is called “infrastructure” but that would actually solve the problem. They don’t want to solve problems; they want to control human behavior,  the very essence of Agenda 21.

We can only hope that the people of that state will finally wake up to the fact that freedom matters. You can’t have a “liberal utopia” if you don’t have liberty. For everyone else in other states, you had better pay attention, because you’re next.