Cesspools of Censorship and The End of the Free and Open Internet: My Statement on the Deplatforming of Gab

Cesspools of Censorship and The End of the Free and Open Internet: My Statement on the Deplatforming of Gab

I posted an excellent article by Whitney Webb on Govern America yesterday, regarding the censorship and banning of social media site Gab by both its hosting company and its domain registrar. I had been considering writing an article of my own on the subject, but she put it so incredibly elegantly, that I decided to repost her article and add my comments as an editor’s note. The full piece with my comments is called, The Deplatforming of Gab: A Disturbing and Dangerous Precedent.

Without rehashing all of what I said, I did mention that when the social media sites began their censorship of Alex Jones, I predicted it wouldn’t be long before they also started going after our individual websites. The writing is clearly on the wall. We are witnessing the end of the free and open Internet. I know that I, along with many others in the patriot community have long predicted that this time would come. However, it doesn’t make it any easier to digest the reality of what is happening.

The fact that it is happening is terrible, but it is also good in a way — only in the regard that it is an indication of just much damage we’ve done to the establishment new world order slime that have been working tirelessly, sucking off the general populace like the leaches they are, while using the proceeds of their ill-gotten gains to pound the nails of world hegemony and drive the United States into third world status. Information has always been the currency of freedom. It’s like the Bible says in Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”.

Prior to the Internet, people had to rely on newspapers and networks to feed them information. We had very limited resources. Most people naively trusted the pundits on TV, radio, and print. Then, along came the Internet with its ability to share information in real time, at the speed of light. Suddenly, a whole world of resources and research abilities were at our fingertips. Documents could be uncovered, revealed, and shared. Information spread like wildfire. It was a literal technological  revolution that the establishment had intended (and still do) to use against the population of the world. But unfortunately for them, they are not infallible. The Internet was a sword that had a double edge, and it cut the establishment far more than it has those whom they intended to use it to enslave.

The situation came to a zenith with the election of Donald Trump as president. Though I don’t agree with everything Trump has done, I do genuinely believe that the new world order globalist establishment did not want or intend for him to be elected. Those who listened to my Govern America broadcasts know that I have been very hard on Trump. I have always believed it is our job in the truth media to speak truth to power, regardless of party affiliation. I stated that I would judge Trump based upon his actions. He had done some good things; he has done some things that make me want to pull my hair out.

But Trump was the only candidate who promoted enacting tariffs on imports, and the need to fix NAFTA, and the China problem. He was the sole candidate who advocated for strong borders. Since he has been sworn in, all indications are that he has consistently tried to keep those promises. Predictably, he has been countered by a relentless onslaught of hatred and propaganda by the intelligence establishment and globalists who drive and own the major media. They, along with the absurd and disgusting Mueller “probe” and the traitors in both political parties in Congress, along with the turncoat coward running the Department of Justice, appear to be working to ensure that Trump accomplishes nothing of his stated campaign promises. The Deep State intelligentsia has taken off their mask and shown themselves for the anti-American trolls they really are.

As the broadcast and print media go, so too goes so-called “social” media. Out of desperation to get the narrative back, away from the people, the big tech companies have ripped off their masks and shown their true colors. They have become cesspools of censorship, applying one set of standards to their users who tout “approved” narratives, while an entirely different, inconsistent, and often arbitrary set of standards to users who don’t. Removal of posts, complete removal and banning of entire accounts, often wiping out years of hard work, have become the norm.

If that wasn’t enough, when people like Andrew Torba, the CEO of free speech platform Gab, decided to wash his hands of them and build his own platform to provide the disenfranchised users who were rejected by the establishment a place for them to excercise their free speech, the establishment set about immediately to shut that down too. Sadly, they have succeeded, even if only temporarily.

I keep waiting for sanity to prevail. I keep waiting for people on both the right and the left to cry foul. To be sure, the right has. But where is the left? Since when do any Americans applaud when free speech is stifled? What happened to the Democrats / progressives of old, who viewed themselves as champions of free speech? What happened to the old liberals who used to weap and gnash their teeth when Christian folks tried to censor photographs of nude or semi-nude women as pornographic and obscene? They are quick to scream about the First Amendment when it comes to their love for the worst kind of debauchery. They possessed orgasmic enthusiasm for Andres Serrano‘s taxpayer-funded sickness. They didn’t have any problem defending Martin Scorsese’s foray into blasphemy. They have no problem defending vulger lyrics and devil worship in rock music.  Anything that is an attack on Christianity, or decency and righteousness must be protected “speech”, it seems. Why have their voices fallen silent, now that the censorship efforts have swung the other way? It is the height of hypocrisy. They can never lay claim to the notion that they are against oppression.

As I said yesterday on the CGA site, “The double standard and villainization that is being applied to Gab, a true free speech platform, should be alarming to every American. The standard is being raised that free speech is dangerous, cannot be allowed, and therefore, must be banned. Unless you have an “approved” viewpoint, your speech cannot be tolerated. This, from those who constantly preach “tolerance”. The message from these hypocrites is don’t say anything controversial or you will be attacked, run out of business, ruined financially, and perhaps even physically harmed or killed. This is not America! When mobs of people can be hired by rich, communist billionaires to enact an organized effort to bombard hosting companies, registrars, TV and radio show advertisers, and more — all in a coordinated effort to enact censorship, we are witnessing the systematic deconstruction of our country.

Have you ever wondered what a communist revolution would look like if it came to America? Look around you. You are witnessing it every day.