I don’t know you anymore

I don’t know you anymore

By Darren Weeks

The crashing waves toss your life about
You chose the tempest, shunned the harbor’s safe route
A stubborn heart in a sea of lies
A myriad choices that prove unwise

Yelling, screaming, slamming of doors
Hurtful words rip the soul like sores
Betrayal of trust, unrepentant, unmoored
I don’t know you any more

The siren sounds its warning blast
How long can the anxiety last?
No answer comes; is the call heard?
Utterances with impenetrable words

Where is my vessel, all tattered and torn?
Soaked with the rain and abused by the storms?
How I long to hold you, safe on the shore!
I don’t know you anymore

Sick with worry o’er the battered’s fate
Sleepless nights with lights burning late
The cruelty of the sailor’s deeds!
Lightkeepers grieve as their hearts bleed

You turn your back on logic and reason
Reckless abandonment for a season?
Ever distant, without anchor and oar
I don’t know you anymore

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